We have packaged decades of investment banking experience in a productized service offering that you can acquire online and consume on demand. This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) toolkit for Investment Banking projects with on-demand support from BCP's senior bankers in the form of advisory time spent on your project.

Why did we create IBT?

Because we are innovators and want to make investment banking knowledge available to more Founders & CEOs that we can service through our core, bespoke investment banking advisory offering. We are probably one of the first Investment Banking Advisory firms in the market to create such an offering. From our end, this allows BCP to scale it's service offering to more clients that we would be available to serve under the standard service offering. R16

The Investment Banking Toolkit includes content in different shapes and form to help you run your own investment banking projects, including:

The DYI Package (Base)

A series of videos revealing in details the process, approach and secrets of investment banking
A workbook for each type of project: M&A, Equity Raising, Debt Raising,
A workbook for each type of project: M&A, Equity Raising, Debt Raising,
A preparation check-list so that you can delegeate the preparation of your project to your other team members (COO, CFO, CMO, CLO, etc.)
Monthly Q&A Webinar alongside other Founders & CEOs

The DYI Package (Base)

1:1 Implementation Sessions (certain number of hours depending on the package acquired)
1:1 Advisory Sessions for specific advice on your project (certain number of hours depending on the package acquired)
An M&A, Equity Raise and Debt Raise Diagnostic on your company performed by BCP's Senior Bankers
Templates for various stages of the M&A, Equity Raise or Debt Raise process so that you can streamline the process: business plan, valuation


Additional advisory hours or specific services that you would still like to outsource (e.g. valuation, investor list generation, investor documentation, and other services)

Notes, extract from Terms & Conditions

  1. If you acquired any of the Packages (Starter, Foundations, Advanced, Ready to M&A) and decide to pursue an M&A project with BCP as your M&A consultant ('Implement by BCP'), you will receive a discount equivalent to 50% (25%) of the price package as a deduction from the Success Fee if you would pursue within 12 (12-24) months after signing up for the package.
  2. Upgrade from 1 package to another does not imply extra fees - you would only need to pay the difference. Feel free to upgrade if and when you see fit.
  3. The Modules (1,2,3) are delivered quarterly on a cohort basis (1 cohort is expected to start quarterly). New joiners who want to enter an on-rolling cohor can join already starting the next monthly, and pursue the webinars as per the planned webinars (expected webinars covering the Modules 1,2,3 in a revolving order).
  4. The content of the videos and webinars cover the sections featured with a tickbox (✔) in each of the packages.
  5. Any client has the right to invite up to 2 other team mates to the webinars


  1. The Support package can only be acquired together with the DYI package.
  2. LOI = Letter of Intent, SPA = Share Purchase Agreement, SHA = Shareholders Agreement


Notes, extract from Terms & Conditions

  1. M&A Advisory Pricing benchmark data as per Firmex M&A Fee Guide 2022-23 for Europe, a benchmark realized across 155 European middle-market M&A professionals in Q4 2022
  2. The M&A SoW (Scope of Work) includes all items mentioned in the 'Implement by BCP' offering, however if anything in addition would be requested by the Client, such additional work shall be billed by BCP at the Consulting hour rate.
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